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FDA and Me (also You)

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is influencing on almost every aspects of our daily life, from the eggs we eat, the drugs we take, the defibrillator pacemaker we use (I don’t use it though), let alone the pharma/biotech stocks we trade.  If you do a bingle search on FDA, you’ll get at least 47,800,000 results from bing and 39,100,000 results from google.  There is a truck load of information to learn and ignore, if you know what you’re looking for.

Google Alerts Fetching

I’ve looked into many ways to collect newest information associated with “FDA” or “Food and Drug Administration” and ended up using a simple and straightforward method: Google Alerts direct delivering to my mailbox.  Here are some of the information sources coming with FDA in my mailbox everyday:

  • News from national/regional newspapers
  • Investment research/advise websites
  • Blogs
  • Company websites

Information Filter

Google Alerts fetch more than 50 headlines and links a day to my mailbox.  So I am heavily stuffed with information.  Have you ever stressed out having too much information but too little time to digest?  If the answer is yes, you might want to ask yourself these questions to decide if what you see is what you really want to spend time on reading:

  • What attributes of a website design attract (and bother) you the most?
  • How fast can you find the content that is readable?
  • Where are the information sources from?

As a thirsty reader but lousy multitasker, I am very picky about a website’s overall outlook to make me stick with it.  I particularly pay attention to a website’s:

  • Content
  • Update frequency
  • Appearance

I often use Readability to clean up clutters of webpages for easy reading (say goodbye to annoying ads).  Now I can concentrate on getting every tidbits to resynthesize and organize into my blog posts.

To summarize, I’d like to write quality posts about FDA to educate myself and gain credibility for career transition.  At the same time, hopefully my posts can benefit whoever wants to learn.  I use Google Alerts to gather FDA related news to my mailbox and use simple filter rules and tool, Readability, to access information, nearly Ads free.

Until next post, keep on reading and writing!!